China’s Assertive Maritime Policy is Older than Xi

[Andrew Chubb] While it is true that China has become more assertive in its maritime disputes under Xi, China had already been on such a trajectory since 2006. Many changes in China’s maritime dispute behaviour under Xi may be better understood as continuities.

Trump Giving Up Middle East to Foes

[Manish Rai] The US leadership has to understand that it is facing constantly major challenges in the region from its foes and that containing these foes requires high-level attention and the commitment of significant military, economic and diplomatic resources rather than a gradual exit from the region.

Syria, Hezbollah’s Next Lebanon

[Manish Rai] With its permanent presence in Syria, Hezbollah wants to deliver the message that the borders have collapsed and that there are new rules of engagement, to the detriment of the Sunni countries as well as Israel.

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Indo-US Strategic Relations: Strengths and Limits

[Dr. Manoj Kumar Mishra]
The Indo-US strategic relations may not be as promising as some leaders and scholars from both sides epitomize such as natural allies or defining partners, but the history suggests the relations will not decline rather will witness a steady rise.


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